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Give Your Prints A Competitive Edge

That extra touch can make all the difference. Boosting differentiation boosts performance KPIs across the board, and specialty finishes offer exactly that. Our experts can help you select options that’ll drive ROI and fit your budget.

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UV Coatings

Play with light and create tactile experiences elevate your brand and creative and perceived value using Thysse’s UV coatings. From contrasting gloss and matte surfaces to suede-like textures, UV coatings take it up a couple of notches.
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Finishing touches

Foil Stamping

Nothing steals attention and says “PREMIUM” like foil-treated print and packaging pieces. With thousands of foil options to choose from, let us help you add on-brand pizzazz that’ll elevate first impressions and set expectations about how awesome you and your offering are!
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Specialty Finishing Embossed Metalics

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Emboss & Debossing

Another boss-creative-move steps up finishes (literally) offering both dimensionality and a tactile experience to your pieces. Embossing (raised) and debossing (recessed), often combined with foil or UV embellishments, is the final stroke on a print masterpiece. Understudy brands steer clear.
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Tap into a whole universe of differentiated, premium visual and tactile experiences with laminates. Want an image to feel dry, or look like a real iridescent feather? You can and we’ll help. Another noteworthy benefit of laminates is their ability to offer scuff, moisture and crack resistance to print and packaging pieces. Your beautiful deep brand colors are safe from hands, folds and rough shipping.
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Sustainable Gloss
Scoring Example

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We tend to take the small things for granted, but behind every crisp edge and clean hinge, there’s a score. Getting this just right takes a craftsman equipped with the right tools (even the ones that can do dozens a minute). Thysse’s experts are here to ensure something as humble as scoring doesn’t detract from your next project.
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Adding perforation to your next print project for a fun way to create interaction with your branded materials and engage your target audience. Perforation is ideal for direct mail pieces, tickets ad tear-away cards, custom invites and more! They’re darn near irresistible!
Perforating makes your project perfect
Perforated Example
Blank Book Binding

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Binding Techniques

Pages, signatures, text-blocks – we take care of these so you don’t have to. We create saddle stitched and perfect-bound books of all sizes, in-house. From small guides to beautiful catalogs and more, your pieces make a short jump from the presses to our bindery. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
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