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Keep Brand Color Consistent with Thysse’s G7 Master Qualified Presses 

Long story short, we’ve always known our printing is kind of a big deal, but we’ve got the badge and stamp of approval to prove it now too. We’re happy to go into great detail on the technical benefits offered (in fact, we do right here) but to put it as simply as possible: It is a universal calibration system and methodology that ensures the utmost color and output consistency for our prints. G7 qualifications promote the integrity of your brand in 3 specific ways:

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Color Consistency

Color is a key factor in acceptance or rejection of a brand as your buyers evaluate perceived quality and reputation. It’s not just a hue, it can carry emotional attributes and reinforce trust in your brand.

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G7 proofing and press protocols reduce design time, reduce costs associated with proofing and shipping prior to printing, and reduce waste during press runs. This results in higher consistency in reprints, ensuring the first run and every job after is correct!

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Working with multiple vendors on a project can create knowledge gaps or loss of data. With G7 qualified processes, we give you confidence in data exchanges across your supply chain, including setting expectations for color, consistency, and quality.


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