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We Value Your Brand in Everything We Do

We are incredibly proud of #TeamThysse and the culture within; this team makes the difference in everything we do. Our crew is composed of skilled craftsmen and women who love what we do. It is a team woven together with collective expertise and bound by the satisfaction of a job well done. The expansive knowledge from this group allows us to find the right mix of visuals, production specs, and humor for every project. We specialize in bringing brands to life, and know that each step in the process holds equal importance.

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Our People Make the Difference

Your exceptional outcomes require an exceptional team. From the most innovative, creative and downright gifted individuals in the nation to the dedicated craftsmen and women that proactively apply their wealth of knowledge and experience here each day, choosing Team Thysse to help honor your brand, grow your voice and execute your projects is a good decision.
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Our Story

Third Generation, Family-Owned Since 1941

It all began in 1941 when John Thysse operated a small print shop out of a garage on Buell Street on Madison’s Eastside. Over the past 80 years, Thysse has evolved into a full-service brand experience provider delivering best-in-class solutions and exceptional customer service.
They say the rest is history. Read it here.
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Our Mission

We Help Brands Thrive Through Passion, Pride and Craftsmanship.

Each relationship and project at Thysse starts from a core belief that every brand deserves professional care, a thoughtful approach, and specialized execution. We understand the profound impact of visual brand elements in creating connection, inspiring action, or transforming a space. After all, this work is not only representative of our customers’ brand; it is also a reflection of ours.
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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Options for a Greener Future

At Thysse, we’re focusing on purposeful creation, processes, and thoughtful facility planning to reduce our carbon footprint. Offering sustainable materials including: easily recycled and compostable substrates, shortest-distance stocks, low maintenance inventory, and LED-cured inks and more makes Thysse a green partner you can count on.
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“Thysse offers a no-nonsense approach to customer service, meets deadlines to most any project and offers no excuses throughout the process, only solutions, while providing top-notch quality. I have had nothing but positive experiences the last three years working with Thysse and truly consider them a partner in my business.
Adam Johnson,
Global Web Administrator & 
USA Marketing Support at Semex
University Of Wisconsin - Recreation & Wellbeing Better LED Feature Wall


Thysse’s G7 Master Qualified Presses Keep
Your Brand Color Buttoned Up

Long story short, we’ve always known our printing is kind of a big deal, but we’ve got the badge and stamp of approval to prove it now too. We’re happy to go into great detail on the technical benefits offered (in fact, we do right here) but to put it as simply as possible: It is a universal calibration system and methodology that ensures the utmost color and output consistency for our prints. G7 qualifications promote the integrity of your brand in 3 specific ways:

Color Consistency

Color is a key factor in acceptance or rejection of a brand as your buyers evaluate perceived quality and reputation. It’s not just a hue, it can carry emotional attributes and reinforce trust in your brand.


G7 proofing and press protocols reduce design time, reduce costs associated with proofing and shipping prior to printing, and reduce waste during press runs. This results in higher consistency in reprints, ensuring the first run and every job after is correct!


Working with multiple vendors on a project can create knowledge gaps or loss of data. With G7 qualified processes, we give you confidence in data exchanges across your supply chain, including setting expectations for color, consistency, and quality.