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Exceptional Print and Production Services That Take Your Brand Beyond the Page

Thysse was founded in 1941 by John Thysse, and began as a letterpress printer in Madison, Wisconsin. John’s commitment to treating employees, customers and each project with earnest care set the course for where Thysse would go. From a garage in Madison to the current 95,000 sq ft state-of-the-art production facility located in Oregon, WI, much has changed- but not those founding principles. Under the leadership of third-generation owner and CEO, Jason Thysse, the company’s capabilities and solutions offering have expanded. Continuous investments in the best equipment, technology and team continue to fuel exceptional service and project outcomes. When expertise, craftsmanship and an innovative approach matter, Thysse is a partner you can trust.
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Our People

Let Our Experts Guide You Through the Process

Your exceptional outcomes require an exceptional team. From the most innovative, creative and downright gifted individuals in the nation to the dedicated craftsmen and women that proactively apply their wealth of knowledge and experience here each day, choosing Team Thysse to help honor your brand, grow your voice and execute your projects is a good decision.


The Details Matter

An exceptional outcome isn’t just the final result. You don’t like surprises, last-minute heroics or poor communication, and neither do we. Our preventative cure to budget slips, deadline drift, quality problems and mistakes is simple: We listen carefully and communicate thoughtfully- and proactively. It’s an approach that makes successful projects inevitable, and a pleasure to work on. We are guides, equipped with the best tools, knowledge and experience to not only deliver the result, but also the best path to it. Choose Thysse for your next project and experience the difference.
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What We Believe Drives Us Forward

From facility-scale design projects to direct mail campaigns, your success is our priority. In a competitive landscape, we understand each project is an opportunity to grow your trust and strengthen our working relationship. That’s our focus- longstanding, positive working relationships built on your success.

We execute work with pride, passion & craftsmanship

Every member of Team Thysse is empowered to intervene and improve an outcome on your behalf. “It’s good enough” isn’t part of our DNA.

We develop partnerships from discovery through delivery

Any experienced project manager knows the devil is always in the details. Our job is to make working with us a pleasure- from day one and beyond.

We provide thought leadership

You deserve a partner, not a vendor. Lean on our innovative expert to find efficiencies and better solutions to your most challenging print needs.

We remain agile
in process and production

Investing in our people and technology to stay at the leading edge of what is possible means what we can do for you is constantly evolving. If you have a capabilities question, ask us! We’re easy to reach.

We create momentum

Move into the fast lane with better brand and marketing assets. Presentation matters. From creative to execution, top-quality work is self evident to prospects, guests and team members- don’t settle for less.

Recap all five

Is Thysse sounding like a partner you could rock your industry with? An answer from the heavens? We’re here to help you delight your colleagues and your customers. Pick up the phone and give us a call, or shoot us a message. ...Then take the rest of the week off, you’ve earned it.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

...I can’t say enough about this company. Scott, Christian and Tom have provided TOP notch customer service throughout every project. They are attentive, have immaculate follow up and have initiated amazing results....
Jennifer Harrington
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I have had the pleasure of working with Thysse Printing Services at two different nonprofits. They offer simply outstanding customer service and exceptional quality. The reps will walk you through any questions and communicate....
I have had Thysse do my printing for a few years now and I have always had excellent experiences. ...The customer service I receive time & time again is phenomenal. Pricing is good & turnaround is quick. I'd gladly refer them....
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Thysse’s G7 Master Qualified Presses Keep
Your Brand Color Buttoned Up

Long story short, we’ve always known our printing is kind of a big deal, but we’ve got the badge and stamp of approval to prove it now too. We’re happy to go into great detail on the technical benefits offered (in fact, we do right here) but to put it as simply as possible: It is a universal calibration system and methodology that ensures the utmost color and output consistency for our prints. G7 qualifications promote the integrity of your brand in 3 specific ways:

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Color Consistency

Color is a key factor in acceptance or rejection of a brand as your buyers evaluate perceived quality and reputation. It’s not just a hue, it can carry emotional attributes and reinforce trust in your brand.
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G7 proofing and press protocols reduce design time, reduce costs associated with proofing and shipping prior to printing, and reduce waste during press runs. This results in higher consistency in reprints, ensuring the first run and every job after is correct!
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Data Communication

Working with multiple vendors on a project can create knowledge gaps or loss of data. With G7 qualified processes, we give you confidence in data exchanges across your supply chain, including setting expectations for color, consistency, and quality.


Eco-Friendly Options for a Greener Future

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Since 1941

Innovation is a Family Tradition

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