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Introducing Thysse's New Leadership Team

Thysse's newly formed Leadership Team (from left to right): Kevin Kouba, Eric Hallingstad, Dawn Koopman, Dean Bott, Jason Thysse, Jana Woodhouse, Trent Schuster, Tony Smithson


The expansion of Thysse’s Leadership Team restructures the way decisions are made, further empowering these clearly capable, trustworthy, and proven industry leaders.


The Approach

·       Further empowers leaders to inspire, guide, and act.

·       Fosters an agile culture that welcomes innovation.

·       Amplifies team engagement, motivation, and morale.

·       Enhances competitive positioning in a dynamic business landscape.


Meet the Leaders

Jason Thysse
"I am proud to welcome the members of our newly formed leadership team to the helm at Thysse. Their collective vision, expertise, and fresh perspectives will help shape the future success of our company as we continue to grow, evolve, and expand our value proposition."
Dean Bott President
"Thysse has proven to be inventive and sincere. …An industry leader and the type of organization that puts my 50+ years of industry experience to good use. Continually challenging me to keep learning and utilize my skills and experience to reach goals I didn’t imagine. Despite our 80+ year history, we are just getting started. We have assembled the most capable, passionate, and intelligent leadership team I’ve ever been associated with. Together we will continue to accomplish great things for our teams, their families, our customers, and our community."
Tony Smithson VPOperations
"The best part about Operations is the physical production of ideas. Taking our customer’s vision for their brand and bringing it into reality is extremely fulfilling, and I’m grateful to be part of that process."
"The opportunity to join Thysse’s exceptional Creative Services Team and create additional value for our current and future customers is thrilling. The mission is to create future growth with a renewed, fresh approach. This team, combined with Thysse’s production capabilities, has a truly unique opportunity to be a national creative services powerhouse. Thysse is a special company, and my commitment is to do everything I can to further delight our current partners and forge new relationships with the people and brands I know we can amaze."
Kevin Kouba VPSales & Marketing
"I’m grateful for the opportunity to join the talented group of individuals forming the leadership team and to contribute to Thysse’s continued growth as VP – Sales & Marketing. We have a great sales and marketing organization and will be focusing our efforts on providing valuable design, print, and fulfillment solutions to clients with programs built specifically for them."
"I am deeply honored to be part of this exceptional leadership team where our collective wisdom, vision, and dedication come together to propel Thysse forward. I’m also excited to apply my 28 years of industry experience to help drive innovation and continuous improvement across both internal technologies and customer-facing tools. …Wrangling our 1’s and 0’s to realize our full potential and bring technology to life."
"It has been a privilege to be part of Thysse’s growth over the past 7 years and it’s an honor to join this group of leaders as we take Thysse to the next level. As VP of Finance, my focus goes beyond ensuring our internal financial health. Providing clear insights, reporting and guidance to our customers is just as important and critical to the types of relationships we build."
"I am proud to be a part of this new leadership team. It’s a milestone that inspires me to use my skills and experience to help guide the business strategies that ensure Thysse’s growth, amplify our strengths, and support the aspirations of our valued employees. A key objective will be to continue to strengthen Thysse’s unique identity and reputation as a premier employer and partner within our industry."

Q: What is Thysse?      A: It's where you go with your brand.®

Pronounced ‘TIE•SEE,’ Thysse is a brand experience provider that creates a wide variety of creative, print, and manufactured brand assets in their state-of-the-art, 95,000 sq ft facility.

This (still) family-owned company was established in 1941 and attributes its growth and client retention to a strong focus on exceptional service, craftsmanship, and project outcomes.

Experiencing the difference is easy, run your next project through #TeamThysse!

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