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The thermoformed transparent plastic window to your product.

A heat-activated adhesive applied in the card printing process which binds to the plastic blister.

Any packaging card that has a blister coating.

Card Packaging

Hanger Cards

Hanger cards are among the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient ways to showcase your products in retail settings. If you’d like to allow people to touch and feel your product, this is a great solution. With Thysse, that hanger card efficiency includes color and finish perfection and a team of experts that make this part of your job easy.
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Card Packaging

Trap Seal Hanger Cards

In trap seal packaging, two cards sandwich your product in a transparent blister offering high visibility and excellent product protection from dust, moisture and tampering. Thysse’s premium blister seal coatings and exceptional print quality ensure your product and brand look great and hang strong in retail environments.
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Card Packaging

Face Seal Blister Cards

Face-seal blister cards offer a versatile and efficient way to showcase your products in retail environments. Your product fits into a flanged blister that is heat sealed to the face of the blister card. While tamper resistance and durability aren’t as robust as trap seals or moch clamshells, face seal packaging consumes half as much paper. And, with Thysse’s premium blister coatings, they’re sure to look great and hold solid, even in the most extreme shipping and storage environments.
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Card Packaging

Full Face Seal Blister Cards

Full face seal blister cards are like face seal cards, except the flange extends to the edges of the card adding rigidity and edge durability to your package. If it sounds like we’re talking about our premium blister coatings a lot, we are. It’s a critical element in card packaging that is easily overlooked until there’s a problem. Our job is to ensure that doesn’t happen by using the best quality blister coatings, and testing them regularly.
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Card Packaging

Mock Clamshell Card Sets

Mock clamshell card packaging is an innovative alternative to traditional clamshell packaging that cuts plastic usage in half and is generally more cost effective, too. Mock Clamshells eliminate the back half of a the plastic clamshell, replacing it with a paper blister card. Unlike a full face seal blister, the mock clamshell blister extends just beyond the card edge. This thin, protective plastic edge eliminates handling and shipping damage to your packaging.
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Card Packaging

Packaging Inserts

Adding inserts to packaged goods is a great way to share an additional offer or message with a customer. From boosting the unboxing experience to driving incremental direct sales or getting that customer to identify themselves with a warranty offer, packaging inserts are a great addition to your marketing mix.

Additionally, “packaging inserts” can refer to the graphic card inside clamshell and tri-fold clamshell packaging. These can be a two-sided insert or a folded, single sided insert. We make all of the above!
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Build the perfect package

Customized Packaging That’s 
Tailored to Your Brand’s Needs

Providing packaging solutions that perfectly fit your needs takes a personalized approach. Our project and production experts are here to offer you a truly custom-tailored packaging experience that adds value, efficiency and exceptional results.

Specialized Finishes

Category differentiation means getting noticed, picked up and added to the shopping cart. Embellishments and specialized finishes are a great way to stand out in a competitive retail environment. Take your packaging to the next level with Thysse!
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Eco-Friendly Options

Thysse offers a robust selection of sustainable substrates, coatings, production and sourcing processes. Our experts are here to help you minimize the impact your print projects have on the environment. Let’s talk about options!
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G7 Color Masters

Thysse is G7 Color Master certified, which means your proofs exactly match our production process colors. To achieve this, we carefully calibrate and maintain all of our equipment, and undergo 3rd party inspections. Your brand colors are safe with us!
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Our approach

Let Our Experts Guide You Through the Process

With Team Thysse at your side, navigating the product packaging process is easy. From initial designs to retail-ready finished goods, our experts are here to meet you wherever you are in the process. Reach out, we’d love to talk packaging with you!
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