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Restaurants & Hospitality

Why Patrons Choose You

People spend discretionary time and money seeking experiences. Winning their business and loyalty means delivering just that and exceeding expectations. That’s where Thysse shines—infusing your brand story into the space. Layering ambiance, vibes, acoustics, lighting, and more we create physical spaces your guests occupy directly impact their experience, propensity to spend, likelihood of return and referral power. If your spaces could use a boost, we’ve got talent here to help!

Why Thysse

Appetizing Efficiency:
Design, Production, and Install—All Under One Roof

Exceptional facility branding outcomes require; gifted talent, diverse manufacturing capabilities and meticulous attention to detail during installation. Thysse is uniquely positioned, offering all of these project disciplines under one roof. The benefits span accelerated schedules, budget control, accountability and overall efficiency gains over numerous subcontracted partners. Plus, our “gifted talent” is just that. Let’s talk about your project!


It takes truly gifted designers working within a well oiled team to product exceptional results. We offer that to you.


The jump from the screen to manufactured project elements requires close collaboration, experience and craftsmanship. We are veteran experts at this.


The final results hinge on perfect installation. This is as much an art as it is a skill. Exceeding your expectation is the measure of a Thysse job done right.
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WIUnion Wallpaper Mural Menu Boards Dimensional AcrylicWI Union Mural Design Wallpaper

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