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Enhance Your Direct Mail
Programs with Thysse

From superior service and industry expertise to best-in-class variable data print technology, Thysse is a partner capable of adding value and ROI to your mail outreach, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started. And, we’re happy to share our advice and tailored recommendations, free of charge. Just shoot us a note or give us a call.
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Prospecting made easy

Grow Your Customer Base

From prospecting catalogs and postcards to personalized offers within segment-specific versions, Thysse’s mail experts are here to help you build effective, measurable omni-channel marketing campaigns. Talk to us about your goals, we can help.
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Re-Engage and Win Over Prospects

Thysse uses this effective print tactic every day! Whether it’s having something tangible to send prospects in the early conversation stages, or a beautiful collection
a deal-closing customer presentation assets, just because the meetings are virtual doesn’t mean you can’t put something tangible in their hands.
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Retain Your Existing Customers

Why stop at retention? From welcome kits and thank you cards to personalized appreciation offers, turn your current customers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors that refer new business, build brand equity and redefine LTV calculations. No outreach medium builds trust more effectively than print, which is what we do.
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Simplify your process

Automated Tracking

Understanding how any campaign tactic performs is essential to any sustained marketing effort. Modern, variable data direct mail pieces offer marketers sophisticated options that do more than track and attribute. Digital enhancements, QR and coupon codes combined with personalization and versioning produce data-feedback-loops that allow rapid target, offer and messaging refinement. Go from “it worked” to “this worked best” within a single versioned mailing.
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Eco-Friendly Options for a Greener Future

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