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C'mon, Have Some Tact!

Thysse's Expert Explanations of the USPS Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Promotion.

Our Expert Explanations of the Current USPS Promotions: Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive Promotion.

Calling all Direct Mail mavens and budget-concious besties! We’re back with more on the 2023 USPS Promotions. First on the list, we’ll  dive into the one sure to make your recipients say, “oooh that is VERY nice!” 

Whether you already have a piece designed or you need assistance imagining an eye-catching mailer, we’ve got you covered. From sensory treatments and interactive elements to specialty inks, your options are (almost) endless. And the best part? You’ll save 5% on postage while increasing customer engagement.

Ready to learn more? Join us for a good ol’ fashioned brainstorm on wacky ways this promotion could be used.

Sensory Treatments

We all see mail pieces every day, this promotion encourages the added combinations of sound, smell, touch, and even taste to engage your audience and create a memorable sensory experience.

  1. What smells? (Scent Marketing): Imagine you own a local wedding venue and are working to fill some of your less desirable dates. On St. Patrick’s Day, you decide to send off scratch-and-sniff cards scented with hints of Guinness and reasons to tie a Celtic wedding knot on one the luckiest days of the year. 
  2. “WHAT?!” (Sound Marketing): More like “QUAAAAAAACK!!” As an auto body shop, you test out a mailers with. a few funky sounds to different audiences, with messages like “Waddle on in for a tune-up.”
  3. Giving you all the feels (Texture Marketing): From House Hunters to TikTok, handy DIY homeowners are everywhere these days. Drum up business for your hardware store by using textured coatings reminiscent of sandpaper to get a gritty message out to your prospects.  
  4. You’ve got great taste (Taste Marketing): Are you selling quantity or quality? As a small purveyor of exotic coffee blends, we’re assuming you’re interested in prospects preferring the latter. Try sending a mailer with Peel ‘n Taste strips of your seasonal blends and a discount code for bulk buys.

Interactive Elements

The key to keeping prospects engaged is to continually surprise and delight your recipients by giving them a dynamic experience each time. Interactive mailers can include three-dimensional elements, pop-ups, infinite folding, cutouts, and much more. 

  1. How Did You Pull That Off? (Perforated + Peel Off Opportunities) The Main Street watering hole is looking to attract a broader base of regulars. They develop a mailer with realistic pull tab plays, with each card winning the recipients a seat at the bar and a “First beer free.”
  2. What’s Popping? (Specialty Folding and Pop-ups) The last entry on the list gets a tad bit morbid, but also, you’re still here so… An independent insurance agency might promote a life insurance policy by sending cards with pop-up coffins (yikes) or perhaps, a gentler option of a white paper bouquet.

Specialty Inks

Another opportunity for mailing enhancements lies within the inks themselves. Specialty inks can showcase the unique properties of your message and products in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in using conductive inks, thermochromic, photochromics, or metallic and optically variable inks, let’s chat about possible applications!

By now, you can see there’s a myriad of applications available for this promotion, and each will save you up to 5% on postage costs! This gives flexibility to try out something new while staying within your budget goals.

Curious to learn more? Drop us a line to see why Thysse is still where you go with your brand™.

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