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Dial-In Your Direct Mail with Thysse

Mail outreach is a growing communication tactic that offers marketers increasingly sophisticated ways to engage audiences, drive ROI and build data beyond the fiercely competitive digital environment. From targeted mailing lists and leading-edge variable data postcards, self-mailer brochures, letters and catalogs, our experts are here to help make your job easy. Let's talk about your next project today!

A Smarter Approach

Personalize with Variable Data

Personalization and versioning within a mail campaign adds tremendous value over static mailings, and Thysse happens to be an expert at both. From 3X lifts in response rates to versioning and in-line offer testing, turn your mailings into powerful feedback loops that produce valuable data and goal conversions while driving continuous optimization.

Our experts are here to help and add value, whether this is your first direct mail campaign or you’re a pro. Let’s talk about your outreach goals!
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Targeted Mailing Lists

It starts with a great list and mail plan. Let’s get hyper-targeted—our experts will show you how.
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Address your recipients by name with creative that’s tailored to their specific interests.
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Custom Images

Versioning means your visuals align with recipient profiles, and you can test them against each other.
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Geographic Data

Serve recipients photos, maps and addresses to the location closest to them.
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In-Line A/B Testing

Does 30% OFF perform better than Buy 2 Get 1 Free? Finding out doesn’t cost more.
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Automated Mailings

Welcome packs, abandoned cart postcard offers and more, automatically delivered.
See it in action. Request your FREE variable data sample pack today!
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level up your print campaign

Boost Your Leads With
Digitally Enhanced Mail

Get more out of your Direct Mail campaign with omni-channel
solutions that produce more leads, increase engagement, and give
you the tools to track your results! Let Thysse show you how easy it is to
integrate a multi-channel approach into your next print campaign.
Learn how it works!
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Social Match

Retarget mailing list audiences on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and time it around delivery dates to maximize engagement.
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Online Follow Up

Re-engage website visitors and didn’t convert using retargeting ads on the Google Display Network.
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Mail Tracking

Omni-channel outreach is all about coordinating touches, and mail tracking ensures your timing is right-on.
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Social Media Follow Up

Retarget mail recipient website visitors on Facebook and Instagram.
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Informed Delivery

Share your message before your recipient even opens their mailbox.
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LEAD Match

Associate anonymous website traffic with mailing recipients for direct mail campaign attribution and followup.
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Call Tracking

Track calls generated by your mailing and send offers via SMS to drive incremental conversions.
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QR Codes

Make the digital jump easy, track responses and identify leads using static or personalized QR codes.

better reach

Need a Mailing List? 
Thysse Can Help!

We can help you identify names and addresses of prospects that match your ideal customer profile using a variety of firmographic and demographics filters. Proximity to your business, incomes, homeowner status, gender, or age range— we can find it all. Just ask us how we can help you identify the prospects you need to grow your business, and reach them in the most engaging and economical ways.

let our experts guide you

USPS Tools & Assistance

Don’t understand the postage breaks, incentives and opportunities with Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM) or other types of mailings? Don’t worry — we do and ensure every cent possible is saved.

Our process is transparent and gives you clear insights into print and postage costs before, during and after each mailing.

on time results

Postage Efficiency

Staying on top of USPS requirements, incentives and rates, and applying that knowledge to produce the most efficient mailings requires dedicated expertise. Thysse has the highest certified (literally) USPS mail professionals on staff to ensure your mailing budget, from concept through on-time delivery, is maximized. It’s a key reason our mailers trust us, campaign after campaign.

at the head of class

Certified Creative.
So You Don’t Have To Be.

Our direct mail experts bring decades of experience working on effective mail campaigns. Our creative tips and tricks boost engagement and ROI. Selecting the right mailer (card, letter, brochure or catalog) and getting the design just right is all part of what we offer. Have your own design? No problem, we’re still happy to offer insights- free of charge. Your success is our priority.

control your costs, improve process

Power Up Your Print with a Custom Brand Portal

Are you serious about mail outreach? Then we have some pro-mailer solutions you’re going to love. With a custom-built Thysse Brand Portal, you can put variable data mailers through our presses and into the mail stream in as little as 4 hours! Welcome packets, abandoned cart offers and thank you mailings are just some of the tactics pros like you are getting results with. Request a demo, today!
Streamline your print
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Manage Roles

Set roles for who can place orders, modify docs, give approvals, and more.
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Skip the need to contact your sales rep or accounting department.
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Brand Consistency

Keep your brand consistent with a single-source portal for your printed material.
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Order from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 accessibility from your web-enabled devices.
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Statements / Billing

Track order histories and know how your print assets are being used.
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Measure success with reporting tools that give you informative performance metrics.

Improving the process

Customized, Trackable
Inventory Solutions

Want to dramatically improve your printing process? Thysse’s fulfillment services allow you to produce, store and receive your materials when you want them—no matter how complex your needs may be. Track inventory levels and replenish location-specific print assets with the click of a mouse. Customized kits, branded folders and info packets? No problem. At Thysse, we take the word fulfillment seriously.
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