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UW-Grainger Donor Wall Backlit Acrylic LED

university of wisconsin - School of business

Forward Thinking: UW Business School’s Collaborative Learning Center

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When the University of Wisconsin School of Business was developing an innovative new collaborative learning center, they came to Thysse to get help with showcasing their forward-thinking brand. The centerpiece of the Grainger Learning Commons project is the acknowledgment of the donors that made the 100% donor-funded space possible. Thysse needed to create a donor wall that reflected the forward-thinking brand of the school. We developed a sleek, LED-lit, monotone wall that celebrates Grainger donors through light and shadow. Understated and tasteful, the artwork uses light and shadow to create a visually-striking focal point to the space without being overpowering.


  • Higher Education
  • Business
  • Finance


  • Facility Branding
  • Donor Recognition
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Visual Storytelling


  • LED-lit Displays
  • Dimensional Acrylic
  • Interior Signage
  • Custom Privacy Vinyl
UW-Grainger Donor Wall Backlit Dimensional Acrylic Letters
UW-Grainger Donor Wall Backlit LED Panels
UW-Grainger Donor Wall Backlit Feature Wall
UW-Grainger Donor Wall Backlit LED Dimensional
UW-Grainger Donor Wall
Thysse Map Marker

“Working with Thysse was so easy, fun, and rewarding. Not only did they create a great finished product, but they fully integrated into our team and felt like part of the family.”

– Alex Pierce, UW Recreation & Wellness, Director of Marketing
UW-Grainger Window Vinyl Pattern Branded Vinyl
UW-Grainger Vinyl Pattern Transparent Vinyl Pattern
UW-Grainger Vinyl Pattern
UW-Grainger Vinyl Pattern


The school’s “Forward” brand and its accompanying forward-directed chevron brand mark is integrated into Thysse’s designs throughout the space. The custom privacy vinyl Thysse designed and produced for all of the glass classroom walls is even comprised of millions of tiny chevron logos … subtle, but meaningful.

UW-Grainger Dimensional Acrylic UW Crest
UW-Grainger Finance Acrylic Letters
UW-Grainger Dimensional Acrylic
UW-Grainger UW Crest Dimensional Branding
UW-Grainger Finance Dimensional Lettering


The collaborative learning space features several unique spaces. Thysse used metal dimensional letterforms to create a clean, modern room naming system. The metal letters add a high-end look that matches the beautiful custom wood work in each area.

UW-Grainger Huber Lab Dimensional UW Crest
UW-Grainger Vinyl Window Vinyl Branded Pattern
UW-Grainger Donor Wall Dimensional Logo
UW-Grainger Privacy Vinyl Decorative Film

Passion, Pride & Craftsmanship

Design, Fabrication & Install

Exceptional design is only as good as the quality of the production and execution of installation. During the life of the project, Team Thysse brings our collective experience and expertise to every step of the process. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are engrained in all we do.
  • LED-lit Dimensional Donor Display
  • Dimensional Painted Acrylic
  • Dimensional Metal Letterforms
  • Custom Branded Privacy Vinyl
  • Custom Cut Vinyl