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Thysse Announces Changes to Leadership Structure

Transitioning Leadership Roles at Thysse

Rolling With Their New Titles

OREGON, WI, March 21, 2022 – Thysse, best known for generating innovative brand solutions and serving its local community, announced an expanded internal leadership structure. The adjustment will bring the company closer to its vision of becoming the premier model of a Brand Experience Provider. The restructuring includes new internal roles for owner and company President, Jason Thysse, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer, and for Dean Bott, former General Manager, now serving as President.

Jason Thysse
Jason Thysse, Thysse CEO
Dean Bott
Dean Bott, Thysse President

The new leadership structure allows Jason to focus on strategy that shifts Thysse into the future, transitioning the company to one that encourages leadership at every level. This move will empower Thysse employees to act with autonomy in supporting the company’s overall vision while fostering accountability and effective decision-making in their daily work.

In his new role as President, Dean Bott will draw on his extensive experience with process education within the print industry, assuming responsibility for day-to-day company functions. Already a key leader in the company, Bott will now oversee leadership, finance, marketing, sales and operations – both creative and manufacturing.

Even in adjusted roles, Jason and Dean will continue to work together to lead the company to its fullest potential.

“Eighty-one years ago, my grandfather founded this company on passion, pride, and craftsmanship. This next evolution puts Thysse on a path that continues to fulfill that legacy, leading us toward achieving our goal of becoming the accepted authorities in every brand offering we provide.”
- Jason Thysse, CEO

About Thysse

Located in Oregon, WI, Thysse is an ever-evolving brand experience provider built by three generations of visual communication specialists. Thysse is “Where you go with your brand.” 

Each relationship and project at Thysse starts from a core belief that every brand deserves professional care, a thoughtful approach, and specialized execution. We understand the profound impact of your visual brand elements in creating connection, inspiring action, or transforming a space. Our team seeks first to understand, then to act. We ensure every element’s design, production, and installation are as perfect as we can make them. After all, this work is not only representative of your brand; it is also a reflection of ours.

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