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Design and Build Packaging That Sells with Thysse

We've got your packaging needs covered! Soup-to-nuts, floor-to-ceiling and auto-bottom-up! From the early design stages to getting your marketing team photo-ready prototypes yesterday, choose Team Thysse! 

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We love fresh beginnings! Whether you’re extending a product line or are making your first move into retail, our packaging engineering experts will ensure your products are looking great, dressed up in structurally sound and production-optimized packaging. From substrates, finishes, and adhesives to manufacturability, Thysse has you covered.
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Custom packaging folding, die, scoring, and perforation.
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Design Services

From photography and copywriting to illustration and layout hierarchy, you’re in good hands with Thysse. With both sizzling creative and production talent, in-house, we’re able to ensure what looks great on the screen also looks great and holds up in-store. Plus, inventory management and on-site storage solutions mean your project can become a turnkey program.
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An essential step in any packaging project is prototyping. From Zund-cut structural mockups to photo-ready marketing and planning versions, Thysse accelerates your go-to-market schedule. Our state-of-the-art equipment cuts, scores, and perforates with 0.0012”/ft precision, and our skilled craftsmen handle the rest. When meticulous attention to detail matters, choose Thysse.
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Custom packaging design
Wood cut designs

G7 Means On Brand. Every Time.

Cutting Dies

Every step in the packaging process influences the final result, which is why Thysse uses only the best dies for crisp, accurate edges and precision creases. We also offer in-line blanking (no human touch), so your results are consistent, smudge-free and more efficient than alternatives. …Which is what we’re going for, right?
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