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Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper

Hooper Corporation

Employee Gift Boxes Celebrate 110 Year Anniversary 

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Hooper Corporation's Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Amy Griffin, approached Thysse in late 2021 with a challenge. The task was to create 250 one-of-a-kind employee gift boxes to be handed out at the company's 110 Year Anniversary employee picnic. Thysse worked closely with Amy and her team, developing a series of concepts that resonated with the "summer in Wisconsin" theme. While there were several great options, the s'more kit was a clear winner. Thysse's creative and sourcing specialists got to work, bringing the vision to life. The final result included a custom die-cut box, laser engraved roasting skewers and all the fixings for a decadent post-BBQ dessert. With friends and family spanning Thysse and Hooper, we have it on good authority that the gifts were not only well received and put to immediate use, but are still in service helping shape the special moments that become fond memories at Hooper and in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.      


  • Corporate


  • Custom Label Design
  • Kit Curation & Sourcing
  • Logo Design & Gift Concept Development 
  • Custom Packaging & Kitting
  • Shipping & Logistics


  • Logo Engraved S'mores Sticks
  • S'more Ingredients
  • Event Identity/Graphic Label
  • Custom Packaging & Sourced Tin Box
  • Thank You Letter
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper


Creating an brand identity for the picnic event required Thysse's creative designers to bring three disparate ideas together: Hooper's brand, the (annual) picnic event itself and the 110 year anniversary.  The solution, executed in the form of a label, achieved exactly this.  Beyond elevating the gift box experience, the graphic was used in internal communications leading up to the event and in signage at it.  

Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
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"I was up at a friends cabin in northern Wisconsin and the evening camp fire had burned down to a nice bed of coals when our host brought out the s'more skewers. I couldn't believe it - they were the Hooper ones I'd helped develop and didn't realize my friend was connected to the company! Of course, the conversation went that way next. It was so cool seeing the brand experience play out and reach me in that way."

Tina Mowery - Promotional Products Specialist @ Thysse 
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper
Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper


First impressions are important, so Thysse really wanted the presentation and kitting of these gift boxes to deliver that initial "wow" factor.  The custom die-cut book-style boxes really delivered that.  The skewers were all hand-set to ensure the laser engraved Hooper logos were oriented outwards and each letter insert was perfectly centered.  A jig was created to ensure the outer-box label was perfectly centered and square on every box, too.  The details matter, and Team Thysse takes great pride in nailing every one of them.  

Custom S'mores Kit - Gift from Hooper

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