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A Gift of Caring: Taking Time to Appreciate Those Who Continually Put Others Before Themselves

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Agrace approached Thysse with an opportunity for a brand new project: a custom gift box for all employees to recognize them for their dedication and contributions in 2020. From March to December, these team members faced enormous challenges in providing patient care and facilitating family communications, all while navigating a pandemic themselves. Agrace’s CEO, Lynne Sexten, wanted to express Agrace’s appreciation for employees’ perseverance and commitment to providing the best standard of care for Agrace patients. In mid-December, Thysse had the opportunity to sit down with Liz Kopling, Director of Marketing and Communications, to discuss the entire process and how it was received by staff.


  • Healthcare


  • Custom Box Design
  • Tissue Paper Design


  • Handwritten Note
  • Branded Calendar
  • Branded Blanket
  • Local Chocolates
  • Local Coffee Grounds
  • Logo Engraved Yeti Tumblr
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Agrace Care Box Custom Engraved Tumblr Logo
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“Obviously this wasn’t the only project Thysse was working on, yet it felt like we were given priority and we were the only project. Thysse was very responsive and happy to talk with us about the project.”

- Liz Kopling, Director of Marketing and Communications, Agrace
Agrace Care Box Branded Blanket
Agrace Care Box Custom Box Design
Agrace Care Box Custom Branded Tissue Paper Logo
Agrace Care Box Promotional Products


The theme of the package centered around committing to self-care and fostering self-compassion. It emphasized the importance of giving oneself grace and prioritizing personal well-being. After all, one cannot effectively care for others without first caring for oneself. Each item was thoughtfully selected to promote the practice of taking breaks and engaging in self-care activities tailored to each individual's needs.

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Agrace Care Box Calendar
Agrace Care Box Coffee

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